How much is HGV Driver training

How much is HGV driver Training?

You may need to have cpc driver training before getting a HGV job and being successful in driver recruitment. Many organizations are offering HGV driving courses, which includes various HGV courses. Before selecting a company for training course, get a free trial drive in their trucks with their instructors to get an idea of their service. Make sure you’ve verified that the company is offering quality training courses before you parted your hard earned money to company.


Now the question arises how much HGV driver training course will cost you? Before training you need to pass a medical test which will cost you approximately 50£, passing HGV theory test cost around 35£, hazard clarity test is around 15-20£. So allocate approximately 55£ till now.

CPC practical module 4 will cost you around 100.00£. a five day course with CPC test and driving training will cost you around 1080£ also listed below briefly

  • Medical test costs 50£.

  • Theory test costs 35£.

  • Hazard clarity costs around 15£.

  • Five day course cost approximately 990£.

  • Driving test is around 115£.

  • CPC study and CPC practical cost you around 90£.

  • Total amount will be around 1290£.

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